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NSTOP South Sudan

CDC Atlanta in partnership with the National Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO and Bill & Mellinda Gates Foundation is implementing a national capacity building model based on the iSTOP approach but targeting the creation of national core competencies for the national immunization program (also dubbed nSTOP). The nSTOP project will be the sustainable model for iSTOP, in line with the Polio legacy plan outlined in the End Game strategic plan. 

In this model, nSTOP aims at recruiting 56 nationals (8 at national level and 48 at the state/administrative levels). nSTOP strives to build the national immunization in 7 core capacities namely: Routine EPI operations management, Supplemental Immunization Activities management, Vaccine Preventable diseases surveillance, EPI communications (using the C4D approach) and EPI data management, Immunization supply chain management (EPI logistics) and Cold Chain Management.


- 34 mentees were recruited to support SIAs, data management, VPDs surveillance and communications.

- 8 national level mentees were recruited.


- As a result of changes in the administrative structure, there was creation of 18 new administrative states making it impossible for the nSTOP to cover all the states. These were not catered for at the time of the project design.

- Considering access limitations and the geo-political context nSTOP covered 17 out of the new 28 administrative states. 

- Insecurity made implementation difficult.


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