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AFRICHOL is intended to strengthen surveillance systems in Africa and reinforce outbreak investigation and provide accurate data that would inform vaccine decision making for Africa.

AFRICHOL is implemented in eight African countries by a group of project partners .

The overall goal of the project is to obtain improved information about cholera in Africa and the burden of the disease by establishing an enhanced regional surveillance network that can routinely track and confirm cholera cases, and provide support to reinforce outbreak investigation .

AFRICHOL project goals

  • Establish a consortium of organizations that will plan and oversee the development and implementation of a cholera surveillance network in eight African countries
  • Enhance regional cholera surveillance by establishing a network of sites that can generate high quality data and routinely confirm cases by laboratory testing
  • Reinforce capacity to investigate cholera outbreaks
  • Strengthen laboratory capacity to support cholera surveillance and outbreak investigation.
  • Design activities to be compatible with existing plans and policies, and develop strategies for sustainability


For more information about AFRICHOL visit the project website 

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