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AFENET and FETP Contribution to COVID-19 in Guinee

Guinea recorded its first coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case on March 13, 2020. Since then, the AFENET IT staff, the Guinea-FETP RA, mentors, graduates, and students have played a leading role in many aspects of the response. In the first four months of the response, residents and graduates of the Guinea Conakry participated in various activities such as:

  • Coronavirus risk assessment, development of the preparedness and response plan, and elaboration of the coronavirus surveillance protocol. 
  • Provided technical assistance for the adaptation of the COVID 19 case definition, case notification, and contact tracking forms. 
  • Participated in the development of a flow chart to identify contacts and suspected cases at the point of entry.
  • Trained and supervised staff at the points of entry on how to identify travelers and conduct contact tracing
  • Participated in COVID 19 community awareness activities on modes of transmission and means of prevention
  • Participating in the development of a weekly situational report on the coronavirus
  • Serving on the Ministry of Health COVID-19 strategic committee (FETP RA)
  • Formatted all tools used in DHIS2 COVID-19 module including an automatic rendering of test results using SMS
  • Trained DHIS2 COVID-19 module users including decision-makers, testers, contract tracers, laboratory technicians, and super-users for each district and region 
  • Deployed residents and graduates to the five health district of Conakry to continue to provide mentoring to FETP trainees and graduates in data management and quality, field investigation, and overall response management (mentors)
  • Playing a leadership role in the activation of PHEOCs, and the establishment of alert management, investigation, contact tracing, and transfer of community cases to a treatment center
  • Providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health for the development and implementation of the Stop COVID-19 in 60 days initiative

FETP-Intermediate and advance graduates and students were recognized for their leadership skills. AFENET strategic decision to add four IT staff to its team made it possible to create a strong synergy between the surveillance team, laboratories, and the MoH department responsible for the DHIS2 platform for routine data. This synergy allowed for real-time quality data and the DHIS2 dashboard to be used for strategic decision making, and strengthening of the progress made with GHSA funding to ensure the sustainability and unified use of DHIS2 as the only data management platform for all routine and surveillance data.