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Message from Dr Simon Nyovuura Antara – Director AFENET: COVID-19 and Staff Safety

I bring you greetings from the AFENET Board of Directors and Management.

That COVID-19 is with us, is no longer news. Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic comes with severe health, economic and social consequences to communities, nations and the world. The response to mitigate the challenges occasioned by this evolving event is intense. I am glad to note that our member programs are at the core of the response with faculty, residents and alumni playing very critical roles. I salute your efforts and commitment to public health. This is our calling-to work towards a healthier Africa and to spare no effort in doing so. 

As more and more countries report more cases in the continent, the demand for your expertise and efforts will continue to rise. I have no doubt that you will continue to commit to supporting the response. We cannot rest until the pandemic is over.

In the same vein, as more and more countries report more cases, the risk for community transmission continues to rise. As we proceed on our various engagements on the pandemic response, let us remember the popular saying that “danger invites rescue to the victim and to the rescuer”.  As we work to rescue our communities of COVID-19, let us adhere to every measure that will protect us against the disease. We are rescuers and should remain so. We should do all it takes to avoid being victims of the disease.

Social distancing is a very critical tool in the response and many countries have taken measures to enforce it. In the face of all this, AFENET is directing all its offices to assess the risks of transmission in the offices and consider working from home. The risk is definitely higher for those commuting by public transport to and from work and we advise that all those in this category should immediately consider working from home. Please engage with your FELTP/FETP Director to determine the need to work from home.

We also ask all our staff to comply with the directives given by the governments of their respective host countries. Once again in the midst of all these challenges, rest assured of the support of the leadership of AFENET.

This (COVID-19) too, shall pass.