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Building FE(L)TP Capacity through Risk Management Training, Kampala

Participants at the Risk Management Training 5-7 June Kampala, Uganda
Building FE(L)TP Capacity through Risk Management Training, Kampala

The AFENET Secretariat organised a Risk Management Training for representatives of FETP member programs from 5 - 7 June 2017, Kampala Uganda. The meeting was organized by the Programs unit and Internal Audit Unit of the secretariat as part of an effort to build the capacity of member FELTPS  to attain their objectives is promoting risk management and is currently supporting its members to start the journey of designing risk management frameworks.

The 6 step approach adopted includes: the program setting up a risk management team after which an awareness training for the team is conducted by staff from both programs and internal audit. After the Training the team develops an action plan to design the framework. The third step is to select risk management champions from the team, who will participate in the ISO 31000 risk management which is the 4th step.
The 5th step involves the champions spearheading the design of the framework including the coordination of the action plan developed during the training. The 6th and last step will be to implement the framework and also continuously promote risk management.

The expectation by the secretariat is that after this training, the respective teams will present a plan for developing a risk management policy followed by the design of the framework in their countries which could be during staff gatherings or any other meetings and programmes.